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Wide Step Fibreglass Stepladder

Wide Step Fibreglass Stepladder

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 Certified: EN 131


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Wide Step Fibreglass Stepladder


ProductMaterialStep DistanceLoading CapacityCertified
Wide Step Fibreglass Stepladder Fibreglass 250mm 150kg EN 131


The Go Direct Access range of A-Frame Fibreglass or GRP Stepladders is ideally suited to electricians & tradesmen. They are manufactured using Fibreglass which makes them ideal for use in high risk work environments, especially where there is a risk of electrical currents.

What is Fibreglass or (GRP) glass-reinforced plastic?

Fibreglass is a robust, man-made material that does not conduct electricity. This means that it is safer to work with electricity using a fibreglass stepladder compared with using an aluminium or wooden ladder. Fibreglass is a strong lightweight , non-conducting material that will help your stepladder last. Fiberglass reinforced plastic is one of the strongest light weight most durable materials in the world.

Our A-Frame Fiberglass Stepladders are very lightweight and strong and are designed with safety in mind and adhere to EN131 safety standards. They also have been designed with a wide step to reduce fatigue.

  • Ideal for use by electricians, tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts wherever there is a risk of electrical currents
  • Strong and lightweight for easy transportation
  • Electrically non-conductive
  • Adheres to EN131 safety standards
  • Wide step to reduce fatigue
  • Corrosion free and impact resistance
  • Material: Fiberglass


Height(m)Total StepsWidth (mm)Weight (kg)Packing Size (cm)
2 14 Steps (2 x 7) 589 10.5 200 x 59 x 19
3 22 Steps (2 x 11) 689 15.6 300 x 69 x 34


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More Information
Name Fibreglass Step-Ladder
Platform Height 2 Metres
Reviews 2

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