All Go Direct Access Mobile Scaffolding Towers are EN1004 Certified, and once they are correctly built to the manufacturer instructions, are fully compliant. EN1004 is the European product standard for mobile access towers (scaffold towers), and ensures that scaffolding has safe access points and stable platforms, stabilisers and appropriate guardrails.

However, Health & Safety rules on sites may require you to have CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) or equivalent training in order to erect mobile scaffolding towers. You have a few options for this, depending on where you’re working.

In the Republic of Ireland, you’ll need to be certified in the CSCS Mobile Access Tower Course. If you wish to attend a CSCS Programme you must meet certain criteria for the specific skills category related to the SOLAS registration card. More information is available from CSCS Approved Training Organisations. You can find a full list of training organisations here. CSCS Experienced Operator Registration Cards are issued for five years.

For Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK, PASMA Training Course is the most widely recognised access training standard. You can find a full list of training organisations here. Again, these are valid for a limited period of time - usually five years, although it can vary from course to course - so make sure that your certificate is still valid, and make a note of when you’ll need to take the training course again. This should be sufficient for any mobile scaffolding tower erection in the UK.

Both of these courses usually cover the legal background, the regulations and rules around working at height with mobile access towers, codes of practice, the EN1004 standard itself, assembling, altering during use, and dismantling towers - including fall protection - how to inspect completed mobile access towers and keep proper records, and the potential hazards of using mobile access towers and how to avoid them. You don’t need to have any prior qualifications for them.

Most of these courses can be completed in one day if you already have experience working with scaffolding and mobile towers; they’ll take two days if you’re new to this kind of work. Go Direct Access Scaffolding is then your absolute best choice for mobile scaffolding towers.